The Meigs County Historical Society

Established in 1983 and responsible for the caretaking of county history, register of historical places, and the preservation of Meigs County, Tennessee.

Officers of the Society

Paulette Jones


Duane Johns


Jacob Smith


Shirley Moore


Board of Directors

Ricky Crabtree

Board Member

Henry Ricker

Board Member

Franklin Billingsley

Board Member

Volunteers of the Historical Society and Veterans Courtyard

The Museum & Veterans Courtyard

The Meigs County Historical Society operates the Meigs County Historical Museum and the Veterans Courtyard. Both, are operated primarily by volunteers from the group.

Historical Society Meetings

Meetings are hosted monthly on the 4th Sunday of each month in the lower level of the Historical Museum. A guest speaker is normally invited and light refreshments are served. Everyone is invited to join us each month.